At the age of 24 Sullivan Tuttle has created a name for himself as one of the most innovative guitarists of his generation. Since before he hit his teens he was wowing listeners in Youtube videos that now have surpassed two million views collectively. His impossibly fast playing makes jaws drop all over the world, and he has won the Northern California Bluegrass Society Guitar Player of the Year award more times than anyone can count. Make no mistake however, "Sully" (as friends call him) is more than just a virtuoso picker. One listen to his cover of The National's "Soho Riots" and it's clear that he possesses a voice and musicality equal to his incredible technical abilities on the guitar. Sully's rich baritone crackles with emotion and leaves you wanting more. When he steps up to the mic at live shows and lets out the first words and you can feel the energy shift in the air as the audience snaps to attention. There is a deep inward focus in his performances that makes it impossible to look away. His music reflects his singularity as an artist, as well as the thousands of hours he has poured into his abilities, creating something both raw and masterfully crafted.

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